Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Most Popular Color List

Onyx Color Trends

   Tiramisu (new)
   Indian Summer
   Irish Creme
Mystique (new)
   Low Tide
   Toffee (new)
   Tumbleweed (new)
   Storm (new)
   Iceberg (new)
   Genesis (new)
   Neptune (new)
   Burnt Amber

During the past year and a half we have added 15 new colors. These new colors have larger granule particulates and have proven to be very popular.
    Here is a list of most of our colors in order of popularity. It is interesting to see how the new colors have performed in relation to the rest of the Onyx colors (NB - this not a complete color list).
    Overall, the neutral brown tones are still the most popular, but the greys are also holding steady, especially with the recent addition of Mystique.