Friday, November 16, 2018

Now Available Online as Part of a Standard Shower Kit - Trim for Mosaic Tile

Recessed Trim for Mosaic Tile - Ordered with Kit
Now Available through Online Ordering in Standard Shower Section
  • Panels and Trim are separate. Panels can be ordered full size and cut on site, or location of trim can be specified and panels will come pre-sized
  • Onyx Recessed Trim for Mosaic Tile is 5" tall with a recessed area intended to hold 4" mosaic tile. 
  • The perimeter of the Recessed Trim is about 9/16" thick and the recessed center area is about 3/16" thick.
  • NOTE: We will soon offer a mosaic tile package with custom made mosaic tiles, grout, and all materials needed to install the tile
  • Here is a link to the installation instructions for this new trim: Instructions
NEW! Available to order Online as part of a Standard Shower Kit

Also available to order Online in the "Trim Section"